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Sedona is Moving Closer to a Transit Solution... continued

The Proposals

The following are concepts offered by each of the proposed contingents vying for the Sedona Transit System. These concepts are not definite; they are approximations that can be changed upon request by transit officials before being utilized.

Coach USA Transit Services is an operating division of COACH USA and is one of the world's largest operators of passenger transportation services. Coach USA is focused on representing a market-driven rather than system-driven approach that relies on information technology to provide a responsive service and public sector cooperation, especially through public policy to make the program work.

The focus of COACH USA's proposal focuses on a very efficient shuttle service that services residents as well as visitors. Advanced user passes or a Smart Card system is suggested - to eliminate cash in the system. Resident passes can be obtained for a lower price than non-resident.

Under COACH USA'S plan, kiosks located throughout the area will have interactive automated fare tellers in addition to information about the system, routes and schedules. Alternative fuels that earn tax credits from the state, and reduces pollution, are suggested. Encouragement of the City of Sedona employees, county employees and Forest Service employees, to use the shuttle system is sought. As an incentive to use the shuttle service, parking regulations and fees that include shuttle fares are asked for.

Parking Company of America is a company that has offered managed parking and transportation services for private and municipal agencies in California and the Western States for more than 30 years.

Parking Company proposes a dual approach that offers a transit system for moving visitors, workers and residents around, while providing a parking system that includes large parking lots that will direct visitors to facilities and decrease the number of cars being used. Parking policies will include removing all on-street parking and making all parking controlled or metered.

These large parking areas will be obtained through land grants or swaps in areas surrounding Sedona. By developing large commercial parking areas, an incentive will be provided for visitors to park at Gateway facilities and use the shuttle system. This will also remove parking on U.S. Forest Service land in Oak Creek Canyon and along Hwy 89A, and fees will be charged to all visitors parking in existing U.S. Forest Service facilities.

Finally, it was recommended that the shuttle system be implemented all at once rather than gradually. This change will be accommodated by a transition team helping citizens and business develop a scheduling system.

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